Here's what hiring managers have said about our Talent Search Engine:

"Love it."   - Steve Schwaid, VP of Digital Strategies, CJ&N.
"Looks good--I think it's a great idea. "    - Larry Perret, fromer News Director, WGCL, Atlanta
"I think this is a great tool."   - Dan Forman, Managing Editor, WCBS, New York
"This looks and works great."    - Michael J. Fiorile, Dispatch Broadcast Group
"Looks cool . Thanks!"    - Ron Comings, KLAS, Las Vegas.
"...a great idea..."    - Tony Ballew.
"The Search Engine is very cool!"    - Jonathan Knopf, The Coaching Company.
"This is very cool.  I would use it."    - Todd Mokhtari, ND, KNBC, Los Angeles.
 "Your web site talent search engine is Fabulous!"   - Tim Dye, former ND, WXYZ, Detroit
"This is really fascinating....very fast.   - Julie Akins, KOBI, Medford.
"Cool!"   - Margaret Cronan, former ND, WBAL, Baltimore
"Wow!  Thanks.  Great idea."    - John Hutchinson, GM, WCCB, Charlotte
"Great new site & functionality."    - Karen Davis, The Broadcast Image Group
"I like this. Very handy."    - Steve Kraycik, formerly KOMO, Seattle.
"This is PRETTY DARN COOL!  I tried out a few different searches and it's very've covered all the bases!"    - Theresa Nolt, Frank Magid Associates
"I like it!  Very convenient."   - Joel Davis, GM, KGTV, San Diego.
"This is really cool."    - Allison Highland, formerly Talent Dynamics
 " is simple to use (important for us simple-minded people). Congrats on that."    - Brian Grenrood, formerly WJCL/WTGS, Savannah
"Love your new web site!"    - Henry Chu, ND, WBKO, Bowling Green.
"This is really cool!"    - Jamie Ioos, KOB, Albuquerque.
"I like it.  I'm sure it will be a hit."    - Bryan Norcross, Meteorologist
"This is great."   - Mark Neerman, ND, KSNV, Las Vegas
"This is a great idea."    - Ken Smith, former ND, WCCB, Charlotte
"Looks great.   Nice concept."   - Ian Rubin, ND, WNEM, Saginaw