DCA offers the Three C's:
Coaching, Connections, and Contract Savvy.


Our teaching experience, on-air success and award-winning performance skills translate into meaningful and insightful critiques for you.


Although we do subscribe to all the major trade publications and on-line job listings, the best job leads inevitably come to us directly from managers.  Many times a news director will tell us about an opening weeks before it is ever listed elsewhere.  Sometimes a job opening is never listed (or listed after it is filled), so the only persons who may ever know about it are the agency and its clients.


When it comes time to negotiate, only experience will lead to a deal that's best for you.  Steve has been negotiating contracts on behalf of clients since the 80's.  We have a salary database for all markets going back some thirty years.


We are available! We hear complaints all the time about how people can't reach their reps.  We like to joke that the only time you won't get us is when we're eating dinner OR when we're sleeping.  We invite our clients to call us ANY time: after midnight, on weekends---you name it.  We'll be here for you.