DCA FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q: What's your placement rate?
A: We place 90% of our clients within four months.  To do that, we need to be a bit selective in whom we choose.

Q: Do you specialize in Meteorologists?
A: No.  Currently, about one fourth of our clients are mets.  We don't specialize in any particular job category, nor do we specialize in any particular market size or location.  We have clients in large markets and small markets, from Boston to Bakersfield.

Q: What do you look for when considering an applicant?
A: We ask ourselves two things:
1) has this applicant reached their ultimate level (or do they have the best job possible for their skills), and
2) do we have anyone like this person on our current client list?

Q: What is your commission scale?
A: It can vary.  The average is between 4 and 5%.  The numbers vary depending on such things as your salary, how long you've been with us, how long you've been at a particular station, etc.  We never collect a commission forever and ever indefinitely.  And, we do not take a full commission if you send out a tape yourself and end up getting a job from that mailing!  If you re-sign at a station and you've been paying us a full commission, you pay us just HALF on the renewal contract.  If you sign a third contract, you can retain us for just 1% or say "good-bye" forever.

Q: Could you please give me the names and numbers of a few clients so that I may talk with them about you and your services?
A: Absolutely.  Fill out this form and we'll send you that info: click here.

Q: Can you help me with an idea I have for a TV show?
A: Yes.  Although we do not handle show "pitches" to network execs, we have a good Hollywood connection for you.  Click here to send him an email.

Q: Do you help find work for models, actors or child models or actors?
A: No.

Q: What are your contacts like in the Midwest (or South, or West, or where ever)?
A: We do not specialize in any particular region.  We have clients (and contacts) all over the country, from Los Angeles to Boston to Miami and all points in between.

Q: What if I send you a reel and you do not want to represent me?
A: We send you an email saying so.

Q: What do you want me to put on my reel to send to you?
A: Whatever you feel is a good representation of who you are and what you do.  Or, if you've been sending out tapes to others, let us see that.

Q: What if you get me a job offer and I do not accept?
A: We keep trying.

Q: If you get my link, am I automatically in contract with you for your services?
A: Huh?  How does sending us a link imply a contract between us?  IF we sign an agreement to rep you, THEN you are "in contract".

Q: When you receive my materials, do you call me with a critique?  For charge? For free?
A: We shy away from critiques of people we do not want to rep.  We have found some people do not take well negative criticism.  For that reason, we reserve our advice for clients only.

Q: What is a typical market increase for your clients.  For example: I am in market 199, can you get me a job in market 50, if I have the skills?
A: We don't think in terms of market size: we think in terms of money (or any other parameters you have outlined for us).  An increase in market size does not necessarily mean a like increase in salary.  We have placed people in small markets for six figures, and we have also placed people in top ten markets for $40k (and vice-versa, of course). 

Q: How many clients do you typically have at any given time?
A: We usually have about 100 (the number can vary from month to month).  We find that 100 is a good, manageable number.  About a twenty are "active" and we are seeking better opportunities for them.  The others are locked into contracts and/or happy where they are.

Q: What if I already have an offer and just want you to rep me and negotiate the deal?
A: click here for the answer

Q: Why do I need an someone to help me find a job?
A: click here

Q: Where do I send my reel and resume?
A: click here